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Serenity is MalContentment

(Space) Western Philosophy

Serenity is Mal Contentment
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Zhu fu ni, peng. We Browncoats, Independents, Crew Members and now Mal Contents love Firefly and look forward to the upcoming motion picture Serenity. Like other fandoms, we show our love for the series and its creators in many ways. One of these ways is analyzing the show using literary criticism previously applied to written works, philosophy, psychology, and theology among other disciplines. This is a place where we can do this. If you wish to analyze or to read others analyzing the contents of Firefly and Serenity, you are in the right place. If talking or reading about Mal and his crew makes you happy, you are in the right place. In short, if you believe that Serenity is Mal Contentment, welcome to the ranks of the Mal Contents.

There is one rule here, one warning I will give, "You know, I hear tell they used to keelhaul traitors back in the day. I don't have a keel to haul you on, so..." I will just have to resort to electronic measures to make my point. "You turn on any of my crew, you turn on me." Everyone that posts on this lj group is a member of my crew. Any personal attacks, I will take personally and will react accordingly. I will not let this place, my ship, deteriorate into what I have seen in other fandoms. That is one of the reasons I love Firefly so much. We don't have the bickering and warring factions that mar so many other places and fandoms. Disagreement, good. Re-enacting The Battle of Serenity Valley, "Mal, bad. In the Latin."

Let's keep this place kuai, hen you jing shen and of course shiny. Dong-ma?